The crisis is hard to predict. They can happen anytime and anywhere. It is the order of nature and something that is well beyond our ability to control. But we can at least have a setup of preparation that will ensure we are able to conduct normal activities and tasks for avoiding business disruptions!       

Planning, forecasting, and management form to be the three key structural fundamentals of any business organization. With all the support of technology and manual expertise in place, ensuring stability and consistency in the delivery of tasks regardless of the conditions becomes achievable.      

As we are faced with one of the worst health and safety calamities of our generation in the form of Covid-19, companies and businesses in the affected countries have locked down all activities, and citizens are requested to stay indoors and “work from home”.      

Making Remote Working Possible With Software Management    

To ensure the sustenance of business operations, companies need to develop a continuity plan that will enable the operations to be conducted regardless of disruptions. With social distancing being advised all over, teams can ensure productivity in tasks with the support of an online project management solution.      

Software applications enable the support to work from anywhere and can connect team members to their respective tasks through the digital platform and thus maintaining productivity and also security over control of access to corporate resources.       

Deriving Collaboration From Team Distribution     

Co-location is no necessity for agile functioning and through capable software implementation for project management and control, non-local team members can stay connected to the resources and also engage in consistent communication for efficient transfer of information and data.     

Distributed team members find a cohesive medium to enable project accomplishment and efficient flow of tasks through enabling software management that delivers the following features –      

  • Reporting and submission of remotely conducted work to a single system    
  • Open channel communication between employees, managers, and clients     
  • Reduction in project costs due to complete automation and online conduct of tasks    
  • Enhanced workforce efficiency and decreased travel times    
  • Facilitation of face-to-face communication through video chats       
  • Virtual project teams for the best alternative office-like infrastructure       

Ensuring Maintenance Of a Team – Collaborative Atmosphere       

To enable workforce motivation, employee engagement, and task seriousness, a type of command and authority is to be ensured in remote working scenarios. With the software offering better control over the connected personnel and systems, it becomes possible to efficiently and precisely evaluate work tasks, appreciate workers and emphasize urgency.  

Derive Working Culture Through a Collaborative Workforce Connected Across Locations    

Working from home or remote work changes how team members interact and conduct themselves. It builds trust through communication and develops deeper faith in colleagues and the company as well. To ensure smooth remote working and seamless project management during our Covid-19 lockdown period, Enspire offers a capable online project management solution that gives power to the employer for ensuring optimum delivery of tasks and employee satisfaction virtually.         


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