Asset Management

ESS Asset Requests

Employees can request any type of asset along with a valid reason and a tentative date of asset requirement. Once the asset request is made, the same would go for approval to the concerned manager. On the other hand, a manager, on behalf of their employee, can request an asset that will be required shortly. 

Approval Process

The manager has the right to approve or reject the asset request. On the other hand, they can also edit, and then approve or reject the request. Once the asset request has been approved, a notification will be sent to the employee and the allocation team. 

Inventory Management

Get a detailed information into every asset of the company along with its status and to whom it has been allotted. Now ease the task of the IT Department as they can manage the inventory of a particular/multiple location(s) systematically.  Track every detail of inventory in the system at your fingertips.  

Allocation/Deallocation of Resources 

  • Upon approval of the asset, a notification is sent to the IT department, who can then allocate the asset to the employee.  
  • Employees can voluntarily return the asset when the same is malfunctioning or has any defect. They can assign a proper reason which can be entered against the asset detail by the IT department when they receive the asset. 

Managing Asset Condition/Stocks

Easily monitor the assets with respect to current status, asset condition, location, and asset owner. This reduces the risk of asset theft and any fraudulent activity (For instance – a departing employee returning a different laptop model). This feature comes with a comprehensive asset tracking and storage process. 

Asset Master

The admin will have complete control of the asset master. The admin can add any asset of any type in the system, thereby making entries of all the incoming assets in the organization along with the inventory count. 

Managing Inventory Location

Waive off all the worries of going to different locations. From a central access, keep track of your stocks and forget about the worries of collating data from different locations. The Inventory Management system allows you to just do that. The locations that you set up in the system can represent anything from warehouses to stores to trucks. 

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