Performance Appraisals

Create Performance Reviews Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Specific to Each Job Title

Our performance management software enables the HR/personnel team to create, track and share individual and team-level goals. Reminders and notifications keep the reporting managers and team updated on goal progress. Rich GUI helps managers to view multiple reports and notes without changing screens. Company objectives, department objectives, and individual objectives can be set. Easy to use goals management allows to set individual goals and align them to a bigger picture towards achieving organization and team goals. The software enables top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top review processes. 

Allow Supervisors/Managers to Review Subordinates on Their Performance

Our tool compares the organization’s performance appraisals over time across functions, employees, grades, and locations. Stakeholders can identify issues, make amends and take preventive actions towards problems before they occur. Get performance reviews by multiple project managers for the same appraisal form. 

Allow Employees to Understand Employer Expectations

Employees want constant feedback on areas of appreciation and improvement. They prefer to receive feedback on a one-to-one basis with their managers. Simple self and manager assessments in Enspire HR help managers recognize employee contributions and strengths, compare their evaluation to the employees, and create a great starting point for open dialogue. Considering that performance appraisal reviews take place with a set periodicity or as a culmination of multiple rounds of review, HR will now be empowered to make crucial decisions related to appraisal. Enspire HR performance appraisal tool makes every process more human and smoother, ensuring a growth engine for your  

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