Trainings & Improvements

Trainer Management

This piece is a content repository that stores the training courses that can be accessed instantly. By using a single interface, the learning and development process, including training programmes can be managed. Upcoming training programmes, tests, and results can be viewed for employees through admin dashboards.

Training Schedules & Agenda

Enspire HR can create various training sessions and maintain course material across by providing reference link to content. 

Invite & Nominate Attendees and Self Registrations Enabled

Employees can look for training events & sign up for training with a click. Upon signing up, an employee gets notified via an email invite. 

Training Calendar

With the Enspire HR training management module, now never lose track of dates, topics, timelines, and attendees. A monthly/annual training calendar can be easily organized. 

Manage Training Needs

Feedback mechanism is built-in where employees and managers can provide their valuable feedback and can also recommend a specific course for select employees to enhance their skill set. 

Training Reports

This module provides course completion reports, learning gaps, instructor and course list, thus aiding in generating certificates. Training metrics can be analyzed on multiple parameters.  

 This module of ours aids in developing training curricula and also planning and implementing training programs. 

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