Leave Management

 Publish Holiday/Leave Calendar.

Software provides the ability to create holiday calendars across companies/locations/branches/employees. Optional holidays can also be defined. It provides flexibility to update the holiday calendar for all employees in a single go. The leave management module can manage leave calendars across geographies. So, no worries if you have multiple locations across the globe. 

Configurable Leave Policies

Configure your leave policies with a rich set of rules to suit your work culture and business goals across the globe. Enspire HR offers the most configurable and flexible leave management system to manage any kind of leave – paid, unpaid, sick, statutory, or any leave type. 

Unlimited Leave Definitions/Timeoffs:

Enspire HR provides flexibility to create unlimited/paid/unpaid leave definitions, time offs, gender-specific leave policies, including conditions for negative leave quota. There is also a provision to manage sandwich leaves, leave carry-forward and leave accrual policies. 

Flexible Regular/Service Accruals:

Automated process to add monthly/quarterly/yearly leave quota on the basis of accrual policy setting.  

Hassle-Free Year Closure Process:

No need for Excel to calculate leave balances. Just configure leave carry forward policy and leave the rest to the software. Configure your own leave carry over rules and policies, everything right from leave encashment to carry over policies. 

Bulk Leave Booking/Cancellation:

Enspire HR’s bulk leave booking feature takes care of booking and cancelling leaves before the payroll and saves precious time and efforts. Employee-wise leave quota can be managed and edited. Bulk upload of leave quota is possible using the software. 

Leave Encashment

One critical aspect of leave management is the encashment part. Basis the employee salary, it is now easy to define a workflow for leave encashment and calculate the same. Easily configure the encashment rules and add your own formula with different salary components. 

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