About Enspire

Enspire is a global Human Resource Management Solution offers full blown HR features bringing best practises from around the world with greater user experience.

The environment within which an organization operates is dynamic. An organization must adapt new strategies to remain competitive and Human Resource Management is one of the key areas for ensuring overall success of the organization. Therefore a Human Resource Management System is an essential tool for your organization to manage its challenges in the competitive business environment.

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Selecting and implementing the right HRMS for your company can make a huge difference to future growth and success. While it is possible to take care of HR functions manually, an automated system can help to elevate productivity levels and can change the way that your company is perceived in the modern marketplace. It is important to remember that these systems are not “one size fits all,” however; just as each company is different, so are the systems available on the market to choose from.

Choose Your Package

Enspire will come up with 2 packages
  • Administration
  • Organizational Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll & Taxation
  • Financial Postings
  • Reports
  • Projects & Timesheets + Std
  • Performance Appraisals + Std
  • Trainings & Improvements + Std
  • Asset Management + Std
  • Loans & Advances + Std
  • Travel & Expenses + Std
  • All the above + Std