The lifeline of any organization is its employees. Thus, a great emphasis is laid on employee productivity, which has a favorable effect on the performance of the organization. This ensures that the organization remains profitable and competitive in this dynamic business landscape. 

Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

Determining an employee’s productivity is not an easy task. A lot of parameters are taken into consideration, one arrives at concluding how productive an employee is. In simple terms, productivity is the quantum of work that an employee carries out in a given timeframe. It appears simple, but as said, the factors determining it are varied and complex.  

It is a challenge for any organization to boost the productivity of its employees. The productivity of employees is directly proportional to the success of an organization. There are a lot of ways to boost productivity and keep the morale of the employees high at all times. It is not only monetary, but many other tangible and intangible efforts that go into this process. Let us see them one by one: 

1. Facilitate 

It is essential to equip your employees with the wherewithal to be always productive and motivated. It also means to the extent that how much noise is there in the room, the quality of air being circulated, temperature control, and a wonderful work environment. Comfortable working conditions need to be created where the employees can give their 100% and be at comfort at all times. Whenever they need to take a break, they are allowed to, and provide them with coffee machines, etc. If the employees are out in the field, make sure that they are secure and are given lunch coupons, etc. 

2. Equip 

Most often, we see that employees who do not have the right tools to do their job are frustrated, leading to decreased productivity. Modern machinery – from office computers to robot-controlled production machines to software systems, contributes to increased output and productivity. An organization must provide the best equipment to support the employees’ work.  

With the rise of cloud computing and mobile applications, the challenges of companies being able to provide advanced equipment and technologies are becoming less of an issue. Remember – Your company will be able to make better decisions for the future with the aid of the real-time data produced by these tools. Enspire HR helps automate your HR functions, thereby eliminating human error, improving accuracy, minimizing operational costs, and much more.  

3. Monitor  

Under usual circumstances, some of the projects do not reach the completion stage and are delayed. It could just be that the person working on the project got sick or had to go on emergency leave. Under these situations, productivity definitely goes down. So, to avoid such a situation, it is important to have a contingency plan in place and have a weekly meeting with all the project managers to track the status of their project. It is important to have a backup plan to resolve emergency situations so that the project is on track and the delivery timelines do not get affected. It is always good to know beforehand the roadblocks, obstacles, and problems that are standing in the way of project delivery. 

4. Goal-setting  

Having a sense of direction and the knowledge of the goal to be achieved is important to stay productive. When a clear direction is not given to the employees, there is bound to be confusion, and the work to be directionless. Once a goal is set, and the employees are made aware of the set goal, the employees are bound to become productive and strive to work in that direction. Setting targets and having clearly communicated what needs to be achieved will surely boost the morale and enthusiasm of the employee. This is even taken a notch higher if the targets are realistic and achievable. Also, they will work faster and be motivated to receive recognition and satisfaction. 

5. Reward 

If you are praised for something or some achievement of yours, don’t you feel satisfied and proud? Well, the same applies in an organizational setting with the employees. If they are praised for the good job they did, it indeed adds to their morale and productivity. As an employee, one should always find reasons to appreciate their employees if a particular milestone is achieved or a project is delivered on time. It could be in any form; you could treat them to a night out, to dinner, or in the form of bonuses. You could choose from what your budget allows, what their achievements are, and what will bring a sense of satisfaction to your employees. 

6. Listen  

Of all, what’s more, important is – making the employees feel heard and valued. This increases the employee’s morale. Do you know that listening to your employees can provide ideas that did not strike your mind earlier? Good managers often believe in effective communication to maximize their team productivity. 

By simply listening to employees can impede productivity, reduce stress and help the employee focus more on work. Thinking how can this be achieved? The answer is straightforward – regularly ask for employees’ input and a solution for a challenging problem, and let them independently work on issues they encounter. 

Remember – employees are the front line dealing with stakeholders and handling day-to-day activities. Give comfort and flexibility to your employees by raising their concerns and various requests via  the Enspire HR support desk ticketing system. 

7. Train 

Training is an essential module in any organization to equip employees with the upgraded skill sets required to perform their job efficiently. It is also helpful to enhance the knowledge and competencies of the employees. This keeps the employees motivated and stay focused. Training necessarily need not be directed towards enhancing the skill set but can be directed towards imparting soft skills like leadership training, improving communication, time management, etc.  

To ensure there is a maximum uptake of the training courses, it is necessary to have variety. Training could be imparted in various different ways and can be made exciting and interactive for the employees. It can have flexibility so that the employees can do these training courses at their leisurely pace, which suits their personal circumstances. 


The HR team should focus not only on having a sufficient number of employees but also on employee productivity and enhancing satisfaction levels, which are vital indicators of the overall business output. HR should develop strategies to boost employee confidence, morale, and welfare. The employee should always be considered first as they contribute to an organization’s success. With Enspire HR, an HR team is empowered with tools to monitor employees’ productivity by providing a host of employee self-service tools that gives employees a sense of empowerment and thus boost profits. Call us at +91 99510 53333 or write to us at to find out more.  

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