Are you an HR professional and wish to clone yourself to handle all the HR requests coming your way? HR deals with many activities like personnel administration, tax returns, leave management, etc. Are you tired of the paperwork and meeting deadlines? HR is required to support organizations with talent and workforce management. These activities, when done manually, redirect their focus away from the core objectives.  

On the other hand, do you realize the amount of time wasted when employees are involved in searching and gathering information, therefore decreasing productivity? The employees depend on various tools like payroll, onboarding tools, and emails to develop a sense of the new workplace. This dependency leads to poor employee experience and frustration without the right tools. Thus arises the need for automating manual data like Employee Self Service.   

Employee Self-Service is a modern HRIS that enables employees to perform as many Human Resources related tasks themselves, thus saving labour hours and increasing efficiency. ESS is a self-service portal allowing employees and HR professionals to access their payroll, request leave, fill in timesheets, update personal information, access employment documents, etc. And the list goes on. Imagine the number of tasks being done manually! In a growing organization, HR not only has to take care of recruitment and selection but also needs to carry out administrative tasks which can be easily delegated to employees and also be automated. ESS is a one-stop solution for all employee needs.  

Nowadays, almost every organization is realizing the need for the Employee Self-Service tool as it helps streamline and digitize information management tasks. Employees are now less dependent on the HR Department for every piece of information they require. Employees get access to the ESS portal, with the help of which they can view and edit any personal information. 

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 Let us now discuss the benefits that Employee Self Service brings to the table:

Improved Efficiency  

With the help of the ESS portal, employees and HR professionals can now concentrate on core and objective-led tasks, thereby saving time and increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks. With the help of the ESS portal, employees can update crucial personal information, access payslips, enter tax details, etc., without the intervention of HR. Thus, administrative costs are reduced due to fewer errors.  

Transparency of Information 

Are your employees looking for any particular document and not located? Forget the worry as ESS eases the problem. Employees can now look back to any information stored in ESS, such as company policies, employee manuals, handbooks, announcements, etc., thereby eliminating miscommunication. Also, the employees can check attendance records and leave balances, avoiding queries with the HR team. Thus, ESS reduces administrative costs.  

 Improved Employee Morale and Motivation 

Apart from improved administrative tasks efficiency and information transparency, ESS portals allow employees to communicate their ideas and work together on any project. It also boosts employee morale due to increased interaction between employees and employers. Other than the points mentioned above, ESS also comes with a calendar highlighting important milestones, employee birthdays, and work anniversaries, making them feel connected and involved, thereby improving social connections in the workplace. 

Speeds up Recruitment and Onboarding 

Organizations are always looking to hire new employees or replace an existing vacancy to meet the company’s goals. Sometimes, HR hardly has time to fill the vacancy, especially in a shorter notice period. ESS smoothens the entire recruitment and onboarding process as it helps HR to focus on recruitment strategy and optimize the selection process by recruiting a deserving candidate. The new hires can also access the smart onboarding tool and make their first day memorable. 

Increased Data Security 

There is always a risk of valuable papers being stolen, lost, misused, or damaged when stored in physical folders. Thanks to technology, more companies are migrating to the cloud to ensure higher data security. Burry the tension, as data in the cloud can be accessed only with appropriate passwords, guaranteeing high security of stored information.  

Reduced Environmental Footprint 

Go Green should be the motto of all organizations. Companies can contribute to a sustainable environment by adopting paperless work culture. Now is the time for change to make an impact on the environment by deploying cloud business software solutions like HRMS. Be less dependent on paper and create a green environment.  

 Accessible Anywhere  

ESS gives flexibility to the employees to access the portal on the go. ESS provides flexibility on the go to the employees as it is a self-service portal providing all the necessary information, stored in the cloud, to them, which they can retrieve themselves. The Portal can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. It is secured through a login/password, thus making it redundant for the person to be physically present in their office. 

Information can be retrieved by the employees outside their working hours as well. Also, there is no need to take permission from the HR staff for the information available to them. The self-service portal also enables employees to get answers to their queries on the go. 


HRMS employee self-service helps improve efficiency and productivity at the workplace, as the employees do not have to approach HR for every query of theirs. ESS also helps maintain information transparency and keeps the data secure on the cloud. Employees are enabled to be responsible and attentive to their work by encouraging them to update their data periodically. Call us at +91 99510 53333 or write to us at to find out more.  

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