Are you still stuck with your legacy systems and entry-level HR software? Is it setting inadequate work standards for general HR processes and payroll systems? Even the simplest and most mundane tasks take time. Then well, it is time to move on to automated systems and make processes more accessible, thus giving time for the HR function to focus on more strategic areas and productive aspects of the business. 

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Enspire HR provides end-to-end cloud-based payroll software designed to keep SMEs and start-ups across India. It addresses all the pain points the retail industry faces regarding HR processes. It is a responsive software tool that renders on mobile devices effectively. 

Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of using Enspire HR for your retail business.  

Access to Employee Self-Service: Enspire HR provides your employees access to seamless Employee Self-Service. The self-service portal enables your employees to access and update their personal information, apply for leaves, check the status of their leaves, and download payslips on their own and while on the move. This relieves the burden of updating personal information on your HR staff. Not just that – If you own several retail locations, Enspire HR provides 24 x 7 rapid access to vital payroll and HR data from any mobile device. Be on the move always!  

Design Your Payslip Template: With already so much to do in the retail industry, generating payslips could be a painstaking job and consumes a significant part of your working time. Worry no more, as with Enspire HR Software; the HR can now generate payslips as per their choice and distribute them on a mobile app, email, or by print as per convenience. This feature allows employees to access, manage, and track their payslips. 

Time Tracked Payroll: Now, with Enspire HR, it is easier to link payroll to timesheets and maintain a record of employee attendance or hours logged in. This enables the HR team to share the attendance information with the payroll system and makes payroll processing smooth. 

User-friendly dashboard: With smooth navigation and an intuitive dashboard, Enspire HR supports all modern and current-generation browsers and is designed utilizing the most recent coding techniques and tools. As you may be aware, in retail organizations, HR staff members frequently have to record variable working schedules, hours, or attendance from multiple work sites. These days, flexible work schedules are becoming more of a need than a luxury. 

Single repository: You may store your HR and payroll data in our cloud system in a single repository. There is no more need to frantically search for essential HR records or data. The most significant benefit of having one repository is that duplicate entries are no longer a burden. Now be stress-free regarding data integrity, quick access to real-time information, and cost-effectiveness.  

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Data Analytics and Reports: Retail owners need to have a real-time overview of their payroll data. An intuitive dashboard with intelligent reporting provides your HR staff with real-time visibility to all the most critical data. This provides a clear image of the areas needing immediate improvement and attention, helping the HR personnel make strategic decisions. Data analysis and real-time reporting are made easy with Enspire HR. The reports can be seen in different views, and it is also possible to create custom reports using the SSRS tool. 

Assures Compliance: As a retailer, you need help to stay up-to-date with the changing tax rules and regulations. With Enspire HR, effortlessly automate your compliance payments like TDS, ESI, PT & PF, and their periodic return filings. At the beginning of the financial year, the software allows the employees to declare TDS towards the end of the fiscal; there is a provision to declare actual. Our software keeps track of all tax-related activities with our cloud-based computing system. Create error-free and accurate tax calculations in no time and with less effort.   

Link to Multiple Locations: Are you a retailer juggling and dealing with multiple locations and currencies? With the Enspire HR payroll software, you may manage employee information for multiple business ventures using a single account that you create. Enspire HR payroll software stands out owing to its unique feature that enables users to link their accounts to many firms, in contrast to typical payment management software that only allows users to connect their accounts to one company. 


For the retail industry, with the ever-changing landscape and dynamism, it is imperative to have a cloud-based HR software tool that simplifies your payroll solution and attendance management and sets the path for an empowered and productive workforce. Do drop in a line on how we collaborate with partners to make this a reality for you. 

We understand the retail domain, and the practices followed at every step of the value chain. Thus, we create automation solutions with these dynamics in mind and help the business remain productive and efficient at all times. Enspire HR enables you to streamline your payroll process and manage it efficiently without any hurdles. You can create your formulas for the payroll process as per Organization policies.

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