When a company aims for growth, many hurdles come along the way, typically scaling, workflow management, process, efficiency optimization, etc. With growth comes a more significant number of employees, eventually making the HR tasks more time-consuming. As the number of people working increases, managing human capital also becomes an issue. 

How do you think the organization can cope with challenges leading to many questions? Is it time to think of automating the HR process? How much additional expenditure will your organization incur? Will automation serve the purpose? But the reality in today’s HR world is the sooner you adopt automation, the better it is for the organization.  

What is HR Software?  

Also known as Human Capital Management Software, HR software is a digital solution that automates Human Resource tasks and helps to bring together all the necessary functions for strategic directions and to achieve organizational goals. It is beneficial for organizations to go in for HR software, especially in their growth phase, as it contributes to productivity and healthy employee engagement. It is always advisable to evaluate all the offerings available in the market and then opt for the one which provides the most value for your money. An HR software helps the HR function achieve its goals by simplifying the processes and manual tasks—hiring, training, and workforce management. The software takes care of the productivity and efficiency of the HR function. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an HR Software  

While there are many benefits of using HR software, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why an organization should eye for an HR Software 

Simplified Approach to Manage HR Functions  

Some of the admin tasks like leave schedules, allowances, absence records, maintaining employee records, and setting up training are time-consuming and do not leave much time to HR to strategize other tasks that are organizational driven. 

 Automation is an effective way of reducing the time taken on tasks. When an employee is going on a vacation, the HR department does not require going through cumbersome manual Excel sheets for the employee’s leave balance and adjusting it against the request ticket. Thus, the HR software allows the team to be productive and more directed towards other essential HR functions. Automation also helps to easily be very effective regardless of the number of employees the team manages. 

Saves Time and Cost  

HRMS saves a lot of time and cost. Manual processes also have a tendency for a lot of errors due to data inaccuracies. HRMS takes care of this and reduces the chances for errors, like duplicate entries, wrong punching in of data, etc. Thus, having reduced errors, unnecessary business expenses are avoided. 

An integrated automated system takes care of the payroll process as the complexities in this process are handled effectively. Monitoring of attendance is also taken care of by HRMS, thus ensuring the right salary is disbursed. 

Improved Transparency 

A frequent feedback mechanism is built within HRMS, facilitating performance update consistency. Dependence on annual reviews for performance assessment is eliminated. Consistency in performance review enables managers to have a real-time vision of their employee’s performance and take corrective action. Good performances can be rewarded on a real-time basis and can help employees stay motivated at all times! 

Feedback is another key area of HRMS. A 360 degrees feedback mechanism is inbuilt into HRMS that considers feedback from all stakeholders in the business; with silo-crossing connectivity tools, the feedback happens in real-time. HRMS also ensures that the process is engaging and motivating. 

Promote Self-accountability  

One of the essential tasks of the HR function is Employee service, which involves assisting employees in process clarity, validation, and document collection. Due to its time-consuming and laborious process, it results in productivity loss for the HR department. Leave the problem to HRMS, as it offers remote access and enables ESS. 

Thanks to HRMS! Employees can now know their leave balance (all forms), attendance, and remote work policies by themselves. They need not go to HR personnel for all queries, promoting self-accountability. Employees can now use their devices and company sign-in policies to log in to their devices. Through self-service portals, a lot of valuable data can be retrieved and inputted by the employees. Such is the power of employee self-service provisioned by HRMS. 

Insights and Analytics  

In today’s time, data is central to everything, and a logical decision is derived from accurate data available to the management. Thus, the decision reflects on how employees perform and align themselves to organizational goals. 

Data availability is a big issue in traditional approaches, and the insights are often not measurable. HRMS helps in many ways from a data point of view. Many data-related insights like taxes, pay-out & employee performance are centrally inputted across locations and readily available to the stakeholders that help make critical decisions. In the long run, the investment made towards HRMS software evens out with many inherent benefits that it brings along and thus beats the conventional legacy systems. ROI that HRMS brings is significant and saves a lot of money for the company. HRMS also allows HR professionals to concentrate on other strategic HR issues by reducing their time on routine and manual tasks.  


There are numerous other reasons why an organization should have effective HRMS software for their HR process. HRMS tool ensures streamlining of productivity, effective communication, and workflow management and promotes healthy organizational work culture. Since HRMS enables employee self-service, it leaves no scope for distress and addresses disputes effectively. Enspire HR is one such wonderful HRMS tool that automates the HR processes and takes care of promoting healthy workplace culture.  Call us at +91 99510 53333 or write to us at enspiresales@vestrics.in to find out more.

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